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Tips for your Honda CG125 / CG125-ES / CG125-ES4

How to make your CG125 go faster

CG125 Cush Drive Bushes and how to replace them

Recommended tyres for CG125 ES4

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• How to pass motorcycle CBT - Compulsory Basic Training

• How to pass motorcycle theory test
(How I passed motorcycle theory test)

• How to pass Module 1 Motorcycle test
(How I passed the Module 1 Motorcycle test)

• How to pass Module 2 Motorcycle test.
(How I passed the Module 2 Motorcycle test)

Top Tip: - Have a plan
Top Tip: - Use someone else's plan as a template for your plan

learn from someone else's mistakes, it's usually cheaper

CG 125 / CG-125 / CG125 / CG125-ES / CG125-ES4 pros & cons, tips, etc:

• Great for filtering (Especially on the M3 through stationary traffic!)
• Lightweight (Easier to pick up when you crash it, and generally easier to get it off if it lands on top of you)
• 100+ MPG (mostly)
• Doesn't really have enough power to get you into serious trouble...

• If you filter where traffic doesn't normally go, do not be surprised WHEN you get a puncture.
• (filtering might save you loads of time overall, but could hurt your wallet or worse!)
• A heavier bike may be more stable in some circumstances.
• Heavier bikes may be more stable with some sidewinds.
• Doesn't really have enough power to get you out of serious trouble...

& fially:
• Motorways are generally VERY boring.

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